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Your sweet tooth will never be the same

It doesn't matter if you are looking for dessert options, freshly-baked bread, or just something to munch on, Country Home Baking will satisfy your cravings.

Made with fresh ingredients straight from Lancaster County and based on family recipes passed down through the generations, we invite you to visit our stand and experience baked goods like you never have before!

Products We bake include:

No matter the baked goods you are craving, we are sure to have it in our well-stocked display cases!

Wide variety of pies
Sticky Buns
Whoopie Pies
Fresh Cheesecakes
Dinner Rolls
Variety of Breads
Gluten-free Products
Fresh pastries

Meet The Glick Family


Traveling daily from the small town of Narvon, Pennsylvania the Glick Family arrives at sunrise to start filling the market with the aroma of freshly baked breads, pies, cakes, cookies, & more.

A customer favorite, sticky buns, are continuously baked during the day and fill both the inside and outside of the market with a heavenly scent. You may just find this and other items uncovered in the display case because they are too hot and fresh out of the oven to wrap!

Mel enjoys playing ball, hunting, and doing carpentry when he is not on the job.

Mel and Maryanne invite you to stop by and say hello!