Kingsway BBQ & Fresh Poultry


Antibiotic & Hormone-Free Poultry


Ready-Made Foods


Wings, Ribs, & More!


By-Product-Free Meats


Barbecue Delights Crafted to Perfection

At Bridgeton Amish Market, you can immerse yourself in the rich aroma of barbecue crafted on-site from scratch. Kingsway BBQ complements its mouthwatering tender meats with homemade sauces. Through their dedication to culinary excellence, Kingsway BBQ promises an authentic and delectable experience, delivering a true taste of traditional barbecue mastery.

Fresh Poultry We Sell Includes:

Chicken Breast
Whole Chickens
Fresh Turkey
Chicken & Turkey Filets
Turkey Burgers
Turkey Bacon
Green Beans & Corn
Zooks Chicken Pies

Foods we Barbecue include:

No matter the barbecue delights you crave, find them showcased in our well-stocked stand! Our menu includes take-home options as well as dine-in platters.

5 Flavor Wings
Mashed Potatos
Mac & Cheese
Pulled-Pork Sandwiches
Gerber Chicken
Zooks Chicken Pies
Green Beans & Corn

Meet The Hostetlers

Jake and Franey Hostetler

Jake and Franey enjoy providing table-ready, quality, home-style cooking for those craving delectable barbecue or needing a night off from the kitchen. They specialize in using meats free of hormones, gluten, antibiotics, or other byproducts and even offer delicious options for vegetarian diets. The Hostetlers help their customers experience what chicken should taste like.

But don't just read about it. Stop on by Bridgeton Amish Market and check out Kingsway BBQ for yourself!