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Fresh Meat Never Tasted Better

When it comes to fresh meats, you won't find better variety or products than Forest Creek Meats!

From our fresh products, all-natural pork options, and ready-to-cook options, you will find exactly what you need for your next meal or BBQ in our well-stocked showcase.

Be ready to wow your family and guests at your next cookout with the freshest and best-tasting meat available!

Beef Products Include:

Rib Roasts
New York Strip
Beef Tenderloin
Chuck Roasts
Eye Rounds
Flank Steak
Short Ribs
Fresh Ground Beef
Variety of Burgers - including custom!

Pork, Veal, & Ham Products Include:

Pork Chops on the Bone
Pork Chops Stuffed
Boneless Chops
Boneless Loins
Country Style Ribs
Baby Back Ribs
Smoked Pork Chops
Wide Variety of Hams
Whole Hogs (1 week's notice required)
Veal (available at all times)
Lamb (1 week's notice required)
John F. Martin Products in Stock

Meet The Fishers


Owners David and Sadie Ruth Fisher, along with our staff, are eager to serve you!

Cheerfulness and friendly customer service, along with the freshest meat possible, are our top goals. With 20+ years of experience with fresh meats, we trust we can make your next BBQ or meal a success!

We truly appreciate the people of Hopewell Township and the surrounding areas, both near and far. We thank you for your loyal patronage, and we truly appreciate the opportunity of being a service to the community, and the joy it brings to serve you.

Stop by and say hi - we would love to meet you!