Freeze Dried Candy For Sale Near Shiloh, NJ


Large Variety

Choose from a wide range of freeze dried candy options.


Flavor Bursting

The freeze drying process makes the flavor burst in your mouth!

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Concentrated Taste

Enjoy a new depth of flavor with common candies.


Unique Textures

Give your tongue and taste buds a unique taste experience!

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Experience candy like never before!

Are you wanting to take your candy experience to the next level?

Ready to enjoy bolder and more concentrated flavors?

If this describes what you are looking for, then you need to try freeze dried candy.

With the moisture removed from the candy, you are left with a bolder and more concentrated flavor that provides a unique texture and taste bud experience!

Our Freeze Dried Candy Includes:

Enjoy more flavor from a variety of freeze-dried candy that we offer!

Gummy Bears
Peach Rings
Sour Warheads
Nerd Clusters
Laffy Taffy
Salt Water Taffy

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Meet The Dienner Family


EJ and Ada Dienner, along with their family, own and run Dienner's Bulk Food. We look forward to making your next baking event or party a success!

Besides providing the best freeze dried candy to Shiloh, we also sell a huge variety of home-made fudge, unique candy, chips and pretzels, baking materials, and much more.

We work hard to deliver the freshest bulk food available with the widest variety - accompanied with the best customer service possible!

Stop by and get the bulk food and snack items that you need!

Treat Your Tastebuds To Freeze Dried Candy In Shiloh, NJ!

Ready to give your taste buds a treat with unique and flavorful candy?

It doesn't matter if you want to try freeze dried candy or if it's become your favorite candy to enjoy, if you live in Shiloh, then we have the flavors and kinds you want!